WHY the name YPAL?

I was always thinking of doing something good to the society and it should be very Big. People say it as Giving Back. I know many of you do think and it is very natural. Challenge is to identify what to do so that we impact and make a significant change in the society we live in. In my childhood days the common point of discussion was mostly about the possible existence of Aliens. Most of us will be curious to know something very few people knows or no one knows to be even more precise. The non stop never ending search to know more about the very existence of Aliens was subject matter of our speech among a couple of my friends. One of them called Rajkumar have the knack of narrating stories which he always claim as truth and I believe too. 

Another friend by name Shanmugam use to create dramatic scenes and speak about what he knows all these intense useless discussions happen in the terrace of our house or Shanmugam's house. It was always exciting to speak about something we do not know. Over a period of time our conversation gradually shifted to Solar system and milkyway galaxy. You may wonder what relevance does this have to the emergence of YPAL. These conversations actually made me to think big all the time and many times watching the stars above my head I could relate myself as insignificant. Interestingly it never demotivated me rather influenced to do something really big.

I started my DTP (Designing) business as one of the pioneers in Chennai in 1995 and by the year 1997 I started doing complete designing for a Neighborhood News paper called Purasai News. As an additional responsibility they requested me to be the Editor of the paper as well as they do not have News reporters and the source of their income being from advertisement. They really put enormous effort to build their business in those initial days of their business. They use to get news (to fill the paper) from Police stations. Usually it is called Press Release content. I had the authority to decide which news to be published and which shouldn't that seems to be a prestigious and honorary job at the age of 22 or 23. There comes the challenge as they started bringing in News from Police stations which was usually disturbing news as we all know moreover it will be in Tamil many times I had to translate those news to English. Those were the most dreadful disturbing moments of my life. I go deeper into the news while translating and had many sleepless nights. I wasn't able to digest many news. I always think what I can do to stop these kind of unwanted criminal offences mostly to gain money or against girls or women. Who is doing this was my question. As we all know it was done by different individuals. How can we go and chase each and everyone to correct them? I was wondering how to go about this for very many years. In the mean time I learned a lot about human behaviors and its source. Why some one behave the way they behave? Behavioral patterns of human beings seems to be intriguing. 

In the mean time as my urge to impact the society at large was always deep within me, initiated a social project in the name of FORCHENNAI. visit forchennai.org to know more about it. In short, I intend to create a traffic disciplined Chennai by spreading awareness among school children and executing road show etc., 

Leaving all this apart, one defining thing that fulfill my aspiration was always eluding my thinking. In 2017 I wrote a book and published in 2018. Transformational Teacher is the title of the book now available in online and with the publisher, notion press. I expressed my concern about transforming younger generation through Teachers. I believed Teachers are the source of influence for children. Still my intention of impacting never recede as just writing a book cannot transform a society. 

During this Lock down tenures lot of validations on the possible scenarios happened. Adverse scenarios stare at us in this VUCA world got an idea when I was attending a 5 am session consisting of 21 days hosted by Mr. Dharanidharan a spark came like they portray in Tamil cinema. Yes bulb lit on top of my head. Tony Robbins use to tell often that "Life changes in a Moment, the moment you decide". It is such a powerful group of words which inspires me a lot. My life changing moment was that day on August 3rd, 2020 when I decided to start a training forum developed curriculum with the acquired knowledge and more importantly from my own life experience. When I put my own life into the curriculum it obviously became more lively. I thank Mr. Prabhu who introduced me to Landmark Education Worldwide where I learned a lot about the nuances of human endeavors. I learned and learning in YES (Young Entrepreneur School) since 2013. 

Named the forum as YPAL which actually took less than 3 minutes when I was telling to my son that we shall create a name for this life project. Almost instantly thought about two things one is it should be a forum which should Wipe all the ignorance and another thing came to my mind that WHY? factor is highly significant as many of us know Simon Sinek presentation in YouTube about the importance of discovering Why before What and How we do business. I first thought about WIPE ALL as the name then simplified it with minimal words and surprised to see YPAL blossomed instantly. Thus emerged YPAL. 

I believe, I could help children discover their passion and thereby their focus will be in their life journey than on unwanted distractions. My intention of creating an Impact in the society become apparent and possible. Facilitating the next generation children and guiding a better direction for them to pursue their passion of course after enabling them to identify their passion would definitely give them a better clarity for themselves. Focus is the key as the saying goes if we make the children to focus on the path of their own life other unwanted things go way by virtue of their intense focus. 

visit www.ypal.in for further details about YPAL


  1. You are Doing good .Go will bless you.

    1. Thank you. I never think ME always think WE. We all can do it is my strong belief

  2. Congratulations on your initiative. My best wishes for you to transform the young minds

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  5. you are trying to do good for this society so society will be happy and God will bless you.👍👍

  6. Applause!!! Great initiative Mr. JothiShankar, you have really started to sow seeds in the little hearts. This will help on the whole to develop our future society. YPAL “WIPE ALL” is a wonderful title for your forum. We all need to unlearn our past and start from the beginning as like the EAGLE to survive in this competitive world.
    My humble suggestion once we all completely enter the new world after this Pandemic, please carry on this service to the Govt school students also. They do play a vital role in molding our future society.
    All the Best.

  7. Really a good one Jothy sir. Starting from the roots of the society. It will be very useful If you can reach to government schools students for the classes 9 to 12.

  8. Really a nice one.
    Please keep up the good work

  9. Wonderful Jothi. A great beginning. Best wishes to you. I am sure that this will become a 'movement' soon.

  10. Congrats Shankar.

    Its nice to here from you about your young age n reason behind YPAL.
    I wish you all success for your great initiative.

  11. Good narration, happy to know more about you and your intentions to transform young ones!

  12. Good narration, happy to know more about you and your intentions to transform young ones!

  13. Happy to see you . I know you will do some changes to the society mainly in young minds.It happened now.Super good start.My best wishes and my prayers for you always.


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